Oh well atleast I have my phone ha

So annoyed and it’s really trivial and I don’t even have a real reason for it

one day ill find the words

craft an image so beautiful

like the one in my mind

sights i have already seen


Where am I? By Milica Pantelić

i feel embarrassed for anyone with facebook

passionately-misbehaving replied to your photo “Ear tuffs 👌”

Your bunnies are the cutest

thankyou! :) 

any form of commitment is too much for me


Lunar Eclipse Panoramic by Scott Ackerman Photography on Flickr.Tramite Flickr:
The Milky Way rises as the moon chills in totality.

andsoyoufell replied to your post “I want to cut my tongue out”

nah nah that’d be a crime against lesbians everywhere

haha well im not he biggest fan of that anyways


Diego Rivera. Pre-Hispanic America. Book Cover for Pablo Neruda’s Canto General. 1950. 

Kinda wanna ask for a 3DS for my birthday but that’s a stupid thing to waste money on but I want it so I can play Pokemon cus it’s the best